London's Summer Of Cycling: Dunwich Dynamo

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London's Summer Of Cycling: Dunwich Dynamo

By junketz via the Londonist Flickrpool
Seems Boris is setting up some events to encourage us all to cycle this summer. Southwark Cyclists and the London School of Cycling have been at it for at least a decade already: last year's Dunwich Dynamo (an overnight, 120 mile ride from London to the Suffolk coast) attracted over 500 riders.

120 miles? Overnight? Starting in East London? Sounds like it's only for fixie-riding couriers and serious road racers, right? Wrong. The free, turn-up-and-ride event attracts all manner of bike riders, including "low-life recumbents, several Bromptons, some tandems, but mostly your average bike-to-workers for whom this is very very long ride."

So if you've been wondering if your bike can do anything more interesting than take you to and from work, perhaps a quick ride to the beach on July 4-5 is in order. If it seems a bit far, just wait a while. Due to erosion the Dunwich coastline gets closer to London every year. The Southwark Cyclists FAQ has helpful tips on how to prepare for the ride and stay safe on the night. If we can fix the squeaky front brake and still squeeze into the bright yellow lycra, we might even give it a try.

By Patrick Fogarty

Last Updated 27 May 2009