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  • Police are investigating a double shooting in Clapham.
  • Britain's most senior police horse, Raleigh, has retired at the age of 23.
  • Those rumours about Jimi Hendrix's untimely death just won't go away.
  • Miss London's really in the running: she's Linford Christie's niece.
  • London's 2012 efforts are getting £19m in extra security funding.
  • Up to 66,000 homes in North Kent/South East London are still without power after a suspicious fire.

    Snooze, by Evie.E via the Londonist pool.

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    OK, I'm taking issue with the choice of photograph (without captions).

    Are the due the victims of the double shooting... or are they suspects?

    Are they in any way involved with the Hendrix theory or/and the suspicious fire?


    "duo" obviously...