Climate Camp Returning To London

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 115 months ago
Climate Camp Returning To London

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Despite the violent and controversial end to the protest on Bishopsgate in April, Camp for Climate Action say they're coming back to London over the August Bank Holiday.

The protest group, which aims to teach campers about sustainable living and train a 'new generation of activists' in direct, non-violent action, plan to set up 'somewhere within the M25' on 27 August. Apparently they'll be co-ordinating the location flashmob style (ugh) on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully they'll pick somewhere a bit less disruptive for those of us who actually live here (no more major bus routes, please!).

Coming back into the capital is surely a fairly risky strategy. In the aftermath of G20, the Met have been issued a series of recommendations for policing protests but this will be the first time they've been tested. Given that the review of policing at last year's Kingsnorth climate camp criticised poor planning and communication to the officers on the ground, it's debatable whether there'll be enough time for the recommendations to filter down to the coppers who'll be face to face with the campers. Or even the top brass: we'll be keeping an eye out for any more "we're up for it" style comments.

Let's assume that everything will be fine, though. Before the Bishopsgate camp got kettled it was a lovely place to be with a really happy vibe. If police and protesters can manage to live in harmony, the camp could become the place to be over the bank holiday.

Last Updated 27 July 2009