Borders To Close Flagship Oxford Street Store

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Borders To Close Flagship Oxford Street Store


One of the few decent stores at the eastern end of Oxford Street is to close. Borders will withdraw from their flagship store, as well as four other locations around the country (in Blanchardstown, Llantrisant, London Colney and Swindon). The struggling book chain last month brought in Clearwater Corporate Finance to advise on 'funding opportunities', which turns out to mean 'store closures'. It is unclear when the branches will close, or how many staff will lose their jobs, but Borders have confirmed that the leases have been sold to a 'fashion retailer'. All the more reason to visit London's many and varied independent book shops. Image by pit van meeffe in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 13 July 2009


Blanchardstown is actually in Dublin, Ireland.


ALways choosean indy store if I'm buying a book, but Borders is one of the best places in town to pick up magazines, they really do have an excellent selection.


Just have to go to the other branch 8 minutes walk away... darn.


New Look have apparently agreed to take over all the stores. Don't they already have an Oxford Street branch?

Rob Lugg

Erm, this is a good thing surely! I still have my bugger borders badge from Foyles across the road and will not be lamenting the demise of a large and ubiquitous American Chain. Foyles is miles better anyway!


Good - then people will go to one of London's many great indy bookstores that have much better service and selection that have been hurting since they tried to take over Britain.


It's 50% off ALL books, from today, for the Oxford St store.

Be quick!


@Robb Lugg - The Borders chain in the UK is actually independant from the American one. The American side of the company weren't happy with the way the UK side was running it so they decided to split the company and disassociate themselves from it. Since the separation, the UK Borders management have helped run the company into the ground. There are profitable stores that are having to send bulk amounts of stock back to suppliers to cover bills that the failing stores are unable to pay. These closures really are a shame, but hardly a surprise.

As for Foyles, if Foyles can get me copies of US magazines like Giant Robot, IDn or Juxtapoz, great. But for specialist titles like that, you can't beat Borders at the minute.