Backpacker Sniffs Underwear - Is This Entertainment?

By Londonist Last edited 114 months ago
Backpacker Sniffs Underwear - Is This Entertainment?

StChris.JPG In a world first, St Christopher’s Inn in London Bridge have installed a live webcam in their 14 bed dormitory, so you can watch their backpackers live online 24 hours a day.

Probably mildly more interesting than Big Brother, we are still sceptical that it will provide much more than 30 seconds of entertainment, but it is certainly an interesting gimmick, and St Christopher’s are keen to stress that it does have its uses: “It’s being used to wave at Mums and Dads on the opposite side of the world and celebrate birthday parties happening thousands of miles away” said Web Editor Robert Savage.

When Londonist took a look, just before checkout time, all we saw was a lone backpacker sniffing his underwear to see whether it was clean enough to wear again, but if you’re lucky you might stumble across a long, boring story about leper-washing in India, or an argument about which is the best bar on the Khaosan Road. Travelling, yah?

By Tom Jones

Last Updated 02 July 2009