Westminster Abbey Gets New Hat

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Westminster Abbey Gets New Hat

Westminster Abbey
Image by Wallyg

Or, in the parlance of ecclesiastical architecture, a new corona. Plans are afoot to build a £10 million crown-like structure on the abbey's roof, directly above the spot where nearly every monarch since the Conqueror has been crowned. The structure would replace a simple pyramidal cap erected in the 50s following war damage and provide an ornate addition for Tamil protesters and Fathers 4 Justice to ogle. In an extensive program of renovation, the Abbey also intends to open its upper gallery (or triforium) to the public, increase museum space and build a cafe and education centre. An exhibition on the vision opens tomorrow at the Abbey’s Chapter House, and the Abbey seeks feedback from the general public (that's us, folks) before going ahead with the scheme.

Last Updated 29 June 2009