Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


  • Gothamist was mesmerized by the amazing story of a cat who survived a 26-story fall from a lower Manhattan apartment building. And the cat's name is Lucky!
  • SFist asked members of the gastronomic elite to reveal their favorite junk food.
  • Torontoist took a look inside the spectacular Airbus A380—the world's largest passenger plane.
  • Phillyist told readers about an adoptable dog—and she's a cutie!
  • Shanghaiist watched plainclothes police with umbrellas LITERALLY try to cover up any attempts to report on the Tiananmen anniversary.
  • Bostonist learned that the first rule of Laugh Club is that you don't laugh about Laugh Club.
  • DCist debated the merits of the D.C. Council's decision to impose a 5 cent fee on consumers for every plastic or paper disposable bag they take from a local retailer.
  • LAist has been hearing a lot of chatter lately about the infamous Twittering Taco Truck, KogiBBQ, and their dubious PR skiLLs: "Dear Hypesters, this shizz has GOT to STOP."
  • Seattlest doesn't want to make a big thing out of it, but New York hearts Seattle's coffee and chocolate combo and our speakeasy that's so exclusive it's not even open.
  • Chicagoist kept track of the trial of Anthony Abbate, the police officer who's brutal beating of a bartender was caught on tape and seen around the world; Abbate was found guilty of aggravated assault.
  • Londonist discovered what might be the city's best 'fairy cake' in the Londonist Cupcake Throwdown.
  • Last Updated 08 June 2009