Wannabe MEP - Jean Lambert, Green Party

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Wannabe MEP - Jean Lambert, Green Party

Londonist got in touch with some of the candidates for tomorrow's election and asked a few Londony questions...

Where do you call home?

London, E17

What do you think you can do for the city as an MEP?

As London's Green MEP for the last ten years, I have worked with Greens across Europe to improve environmental legislation. Around 80 per cent of our environmental laws in the UK are now developed in Europe and amended and approved by the European Parliament. The Greens have secured new legislation to reduce pesticides in our food, enhance regional food production and curb the cultivation of GM crops.

As a Member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, I have also worked hard to improve peoples' working conditions. I have also fought for fair treatment for all inside and outside of the work place and increased funding for culture, including art house cinemas in London, which add to the rich and diverse nature of the arts in our city.

What will you miss most and least if you're away in Brussels?

When I'm away in Brussels and Strasbourg I miss my husband! I also miss the underground and the bookshops. One thing I certainly don't miss is London's air pollution. You really notice it on warm days when the air can feel thick with traffic emissions.

You're having your parliamentary colleagues over to London; where would you take then to show them the best of the city you represent?

It would have to be to London's markets since they tell you so much about the city. I'd start off at my local market in Walthamstow - the longest market in Europe. Then I'd have to take in Borough Market, to prove we really can do good food! From Spittlefields to Camden, Columbia Road to Portobello, our street markets are a real pleasure to explore and they give a true insight into the vibrancy and variety of the communities in London.

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