Wannabe MEP - Gene Alcantara, Independent

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Wannabe MEP - Gene Alcantara, Independent

Londonist got in touch with some of the candidates for today's election and asked a few Londony questions. Click the 'European Election' tag for more in this series...

Where do you call home?

London (Bayswater) is definitely home for the last 28 years.

What do you think you can do for the city as an MEP?

As an MEP I will make it a happier place somehow, as I would work to eradicate the sources of fear and worry for many residents. I want to make London an easy place to operate in for business and entrepreneurs, and safer for Londoners and visitors.

What will you miss most and least if you're away in Brussels?

I will miss most my daily commute from London to Borehamwood where I worked as an Immigration Adviser/Caseworker. I will miss least seeing the government make blunder after blunder and not say sorry to Londoners.

You're having your parliamentary colleagues over to London; where would you take then to show them the best of the city you represent?

Portobello Market would be one place, followed by a meal somewhere in Chinatown followed by a musical or theatre in the West End. There are very many other worthwhile places and it is important to show off the best we have to offer.

Last Updated 04 June 2009