Wannabe MEP - Susan May, Christian Peoples Alliance Party

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Wannabe MEP - Susan May, Christian Peoples Alliance Party

Londonist got in touch with some of the candidates for tomorrow's election and asked a few Londony questions...

Where do you call home?

I was born in Lewisham and grew up in Kingston Upon Thames where I still live, but have spent my whole career since the early 90s working and studying in the centre of London and surrounding areas so I think I would say home is London as a whole, I'm very at home reading or snoozing on the train, tube or bus and seem to do most of my work there as well...

What do you think you can do for the city as an MEP?

The Christian Party - Christian Peoples Alliance would like to inject much needed integrity and openness into the workings of the EU, improve trade rules and unjust work practies, promote environmentally friendly energy sources and allow people to have a say on the Lisbon Treaty. I believe that changes in these areas will affect London as they will protect people who have very low wages and will help create much needed jobs in the energy sector for local people. We will be able to have more of a debate on Europe and be more confident about how the EU works, both issues in which many Londoners feel in the dark about at the moment.

What will you miss most and least if you're away in Brussels?

If I'm away I will miss seeing my two little kids having fun, my favourite view (across the river from the gardens next to City Hall to the Tower and Tower Bridge) and chill out cafe (Bagel Factory downstairs from my office - lovely mellow music). I will miss least battling with dustbin trucks in the rain in a vain attempt to reach the childminders before my train goes and trying to work out if the next train from Waterloo East to London Bridge is leaving from platform A or C (yes, my fellow commuters, you know what I mean..).

You're having your parliamentary colleagues over to London; where would you take then to show them the best of the city you represent?

For a daytime trip I'd take them to Victoria, past the palace through St James' Park to the National Gallery, stopping at the cafe downstairs for a serious chocolate cake and then a browse around Covent Garden. A trip on the London Eye at sunset would be great, followed by a stroll along the South Bank to the Oxo tower and up to the bar or restaurant, which has amazing views across the river to St Pauls and has live music at some point in the evening. Wonderful!

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