Wannabe MEP - Alan Radlett, Libertas

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Wannabe MEP - Alan Radlett, Libertas

Londonist got in touch with some of the candidates for tomorrow's election and asked a few Londony questions...

Where do you call home?

I was born and grew up in Islington and now live in Harrow, so London is very definitely my home.

What do you think you can do for the city as an MEP?

My main aim, apart from supporting Libertas to restore some form of democratic representation to the EU, is to keep Londoners aware of what is being done in their name within the EU commission. Who knows if the same sort of awareness as is happening within the UK also occurs across Europe the European Commission might even be forced to listen to the electorate for once.

What will you miss most and least if you're away in Brussels?

Having lived and worked in several European countries what I miss most in being away from the UK is the rapport and shared humour that is really only possible between UK natives. Even when I lived in the US, I found the truth in the statement "two nations divided by a common language". (Please don't publish the last statement as my wife is American). As for what I would miss least - the daily commute into town.

You're having your parliamentary colleagues over to London; where would you take then to show them the best of the city you represent?

Being proud of our heritage I would show them the traditional London, e.g. St Pauls. Tower of London. etc, although maybe not the Houses of Parliament at this particular point in time...

Last Updated 03 June 2009