Tube Mobile Plans On Then Off Then On Again

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Tube Mobile Plans On Then Off Then On Again

phone.jpg Plans to inflict mobile coverage onto the tube network, which have been resurrected more times than Peter Andre's career, appear to be enjoying a new outing, this time using the excuse of the 2012 Olympics. Although TfL, who shelved plans back in March, say they still haven't received any credible proposals, Communications Minister Lord Carter seems determined to force us to listen to everyone else's banal conversations (because only our own are interesting) despite the fact that the technical challenges haven't changed. We can only hope that the latest plans will be pushed back into the sidings. Again.

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I always find the popular indignation at the prospect of mobile phone conversations on the tube quite amusing. It seems to me that people's main annoyance seems to be the banality of the exchanges, which is surely more damning of one's fellow passengers than the technology itself. In which case, why not just completely ban people from talking on the tube and have done with it?

We had an interesting discussion about this a few years ago.


For some reason, people having an actual conversation isn't nearly as annoying as listening to a phone call. It wouldn't be so bad if people spoke quietly, but they seem to feel the need to shout when on a mobile phone.


I'm still enjoying the phrase "The London Olympics in 2012, which will be the most digital Olympics in history"

Don't care about phone coverage, but would like edge/3g data!


Technically it isn't too much of a challenge to get a signal down there, the driver has radio access to base now. The main problem is the cost (as per usual).

The current mobile conversations on the tube, while it's in the open that is... make for some interesting and time consuming entertainment, more so as they are just one sided (not able to hear the replies). Although the folk who give their credit/debit card details over the mobile on a packed train/tube could do with having their card details used elsewhere, just to teach them that this practice isn't really that good, more so stupid.


To be honest, I genuinely cannot see a need for mobile signal on the underground and seeing as the plans have been shelved a few times already, the cost appears to outweigh the perceived demand for it.