Rachel Stevens Caught Up In St John's Wood Shooting

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Rachel Stevens Caught Up In St John's Wood Shooting

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Yes, St John's Wood. The toffo residential district seldom sees a misdemeanor more serious than a threateningly waved hockey stick. At 9pm last night, however, shots were fired in an incident on the High Street. Diners at the crowded Harry Morgan's restaurant dived for cover as a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and brandishing two pistols burst into the room in pursuit of another man. Five shots were fired, injuring two people. The gunman's initial quarry was hit in the leg while a bysitter received minor wounds from flying glass. This being St John's Wood, the incident was witnessed by at least three celebrities. Singer Rachel Stevens and fiancé Alex Bourne were caught up in the chaos, along with BBC reporter Hugh Pym. Officers from Operation Tirdent have been called in to investigate.

Last Updated 27 June 2009