Preview: Open Sailing Open Day at Area 10

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Preview: Open Sailing Open Day at Area 10

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Open_Sailing 4 minutes concept from cesar harada on Vimeo.

We had to embed this video as much for the ooh-la-la Jacques Cousteau commentary as the information it imparts.

Anyway, this Saturday June 13th sees some intriguing shenanigans at Area 10 just off Peckham Town Square. You're invited to go sailing, or at least to check out an astonishing new nautical project. Open-Sailing, working with off-the-wall arts group LuckyPDF, are a bunch of extraordinarily well intentioned postmodernist artist/architects, who are trying to assemble an eco-flotilla in anticipation of potential land-based catastrophe. Well, initially to be honest they just want to sail to Rotterdam, but their dystopian vision of the future has us all doing a Costner at sea, and so I guess they want to be ahead of the game.

What this is about as far as thee and we are concerned is a fun afternoon out (kiddlywinks very welcome) twiddling knobs and playing with techno toys, accompanied by a a barbecue (from 3-5pm), and seminars on swarm theory, farming at sea and instinctive architecture. The event as a whole runs from 1-9pm. Put it in your diary.

PS Even if you can't get there this weekend, but you dig this kind of barminess, you can follow them on flickr, Twitter or Facebook.

Last Updated 11 June 2009