Preview: Dan Deacon @ ULU

By Talia Last edited 115 months ago
Preview: Dan Deacon @ ULU

Dan Deacon Baltimore-based Dan Deacon and his roving band of crazies hit Londontown this Friday, and boy, are we ever excited! It's not even that we're bonkers about his well-executed brand of hyper-spasm melodic chaos, it's just that the man's manic charisma is as tantalizing as it is mystifying. He's fueling an ambitious revolution in noise and movement, and you've got the gun in your hands.

Expect more performance art and experimental experience than your average gig, and be prepared to participate in the madness, as Dan Deacon has been known to orchestrate his crowd as well as his Ensemble to push the limits of the live show. Also, Adventure will bring excellent tunes, with riffs stolen right from the bootleg RPGs you run off of your Nintendo emulator. Not to be missed—unless you're too old to eat your energy sandwich. Put a spit-shine on those dancing shoes, and we'll see you in the mind explosion .

Tickets are £11 here.

Alice Shyy

Last Updated 03 June 2009