Australians Thames-side (And Not In Temple Walkabout)

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Australians Thames-side (And Not In Temple Walkabout)

G'day UK! Apparently the last Australian tourism campaign (which shall remain nameless) was too much for delicate English ears. And a tongue-in-cheek dig at Staines last year didn't make many friends... But you can't keep down-under down, so here's the Londonist low-down on the latest one:

What the bloody hell are they calling it?

"G'day UK". We shit you not.

What the bloody hell is it?

A conglomerate of Australian business and tourist bodies are setting up an expo to lure you into travelling down under, and if you've got the skills, encourage you to emigrate from stabby London to sunny Oz. Most of the fun stuff is aimed at businesses and is invite only, but there's a few things on the events calendar for regular folk: wine tastings, cricket matches, Australian food and wine at Selfridges, that sort of thing.

What the bloody hell are they planning?

Today, they dump their centre-piece on London. All 80 tonnes of it. They're creating Bondi-on-Thames "complete with pristine sand, life-guards, deck chairs and surfboards." If they want to re-create a true Bondi experience, they'll need to make sure it's full of shirtless, overweight, pasty Englishmen doing they're best to turn a nice shade of lobster. Should be spot on then. Gimmicky in the extreme, it might actually be a bit of a laugh for your lunch break. Why not go down and start an argument about the Ashes?

When and where the bloody hell is it?

Wednesday 24th June, 10.30am - 7pm, Riverside walkway, adjacent to Gabriel's Wharf, South Bank, London SE1

By Patrick Fogarty

Disclaimer: The author is a passport carrying Australian, who is in the main quite proud of his nation, convicts and all. He just wishes the tourism authorities could move past the Mick Dundee/Summer Bay stereotypes

Last Updated 24 June 2009