New Patrol Boats Named After London's Bridges

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New Patrol Boats Named After London's Bridges

Image: Jim Linwood

The River Thames just got a little safer with the introduction of a new breed of patrol boat. The Port of London Authority has commissioned a £2 million fleet of five launches to replace seven older vessels. The new patrols are much faster and cleaner thanks to catamaran hulls, and will support increasing traffic from leisure boats, passenger and commercial craft, and houseboats. As pointed out by the East London Advertiser, the new boats are 'just in time to miss the Port of London Authority's 100th birthday'. Members of the fleet are named after London's bridges, beginning with the Lambeth which launched this week. Two earlier, upriver boats carry the names Chelsea and Richmond after the local crossings. The remaining four vessels have yet to be named. Fingers crossed for 'Wobbly'.

Last Updated 17 June 2009