Music Preview: Niyaz @ the ICA

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Music Preview: Niyaz @ the ICA


Bit early to be flagging this up - but we really think you should go see this group and we want to make sure that you can get tickets.

Niyaz are a melodic fusion of Persian beats, Indian percussion, sufi poetry and high technology. They are pretty new, but in the four or five years since the trio's eponymous first album they have come a long way on the world music scene. If the sufists are rightly or wrongly regarded as the founders of the worldwide trance music scene, Niyaz (which means yearning, since you were wondering) brings it full circle back to its roots, using authentic instrumentation and original Persian and Indian texts as a source of lyrics. Have a listen up here or here - it won't take much to get you hooked. Lead singer Azam Ali's haunting voice has a quality in it which stays with you long after the music has stopped, and the combination of electronic wizardry and ancient skills is irresistible. This undoubtedly has a lot to do with the participation/production of Carmen Rizzo, who has worked with Alanis Morrisette and Oakenfold amongst others. The third member of the band is Loga Ramin Torkian, who is one of those clever clogs who can make any sort of musical instrument with three matchsticks.

Anyway, they are playing for one date only in the UK: at the ICA on Tuesday 23rd June. At the very least check out their second album, Nine Heavens, which comprises two discs - one the full Eastern monty, and the other an accoustic version of many of the tracks. This is very special music.

Last Updated 16 June 2009