Mark Frith Unveils New Time Out Editor: Himself

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Mark Frith Unveils New Time Out Editor: Himself

When Time Out editor Gordon Thomson resigned in February, Mark Frith was parachuted in to serve as Acting Editor. The former Heat supremo was also tasked with finding a permanent replacement for Thomson. That search is now over with news that Frith himself will front the magazine. Following recent lay-offs and an uncertain hand on the tiller, the past few months have doubtless been a little challenging in Time Out Towers. We hope the confirmation of Frith as editor marks a new and bold beginning (including an improved web presence) for our second-favourite source of London fact and fun, rather than the slide into a celebrity-centric Heat-with-listings rag that some have feared. Update: Perhaps the news is premature. According to Time Out, the Media Week article is untrue. Frith has not been confirmed as permanent editor and has merely extended his temporary contract until July.

Last Updated 02 June 2009


This sounds a little likewhen a certain G.W. Bush tasked one Richard Cheney with finding him a suitable running mate on the '00 ticket for his Presidential run... and who did Dick come back with as a recommendation? Why, himself! He then went on to be one of the most domineering, destructive and malicious Veeps in US history. Let's hope it's not the same story at TO....


I look forward to the bit where Time Out staff begin carpet bombing medium sized Middle Eastern nations.