Londonist Stays In: 15-21 June

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Londonist Stays In: 15-21 June


Bringing you the most Londony shows on TV and radio over the coming week.


The Ian Blair Years (Radio 4, 20.00-20.30) Concluding part of the documentary about London's former top cop.

Goodbye London Aerodrome (BBC4, 22.00-22.35) 1980's archive film about the demise of RAF Hendon in North London, now the RAF Museum near Colindale.


The Pre-Raphaelites (BBC4, 20.30-21.00) New documentary about Rossetti and pals. Tonight's show looks at the origins of the movement, founded on Gower Street as eagle-eyed plaque-spotters will know.

Mary Queen of Shops (BBC2, 21.00-22.00) Mary Portas and her band of independent fashionistas head to London Fashion Week. Or something. We're paraphrasing from the blurb. You can't expect us to watch and understand all these shows can you?

Personal Affairs (BBC3, 21.00-22.10) New comedy about a giggle of PAs finding their way in the City. Can you see what they've done with the title?


Gandhi's Goat (Radio 4, 14.15-15.00) Short play recounting a meeting between Gandhi and Chaplin in London's East End.

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (BBC2, 19.00-20.00) Introduction to the annual artsfest. With music from Gossip for some reason.


Thames Shipwrecks: A Race Against Time (BBC2, 19.00-20.00) River archaeologists tell the stories of Thames wrecks, spanning four centuries of maritime calamity.

May Contain Nuts (ITV1, 21.00-22.00) Concluding part of the comedy, based around a Clapham gated community where all the parents are desperate to get their sprogs into the local posh school.

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