Londonist Meets: Our Wannabe MEPs

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Londonist Meets: Our Wannabe MEPs

European elections. Thur 4 June.
London, as we all clearly agree, is one of the top cities in the European Union. Due to some snobby border drawing by our friends on the other end of the Eurostar it's also the most populous city in the EU, and so tomorrow we get to pick the occupants of eight seats in the European Parliament's spacious, tastefully decorated, largely ignored, chamber in Strasbourg.

Despite professing an interest in politics, we couldn't name a single one of those who defend us from the crushing grasp of continental socialism / liberate us from the crushing grasp of Anglo-Saxon capitalism - delete as you prefer. Normally this is fine - European elections generally pass with all the fanfare of a High Court Judge slipping into a gentleman's establishment on Berwick Street.

However, on this occasion the usually tepid affair is expected to be overrun with duck-house and sink-plug fuelled fury with our Westminster representatives. It's likely that the majority of people will be voting along domestic political lines but we thought it would be worth at least asking some* of the would-be MEPs some London related questions to get the cut of their respective jibs.

Today we're going to post up their answers. We'll also take a look at some of the more unusual parties contesting for seats - stay tuned.

* Londonist did our very best to contact the full range of political parties and independents, but some don't provide an email address and others didn't respond - if anyone from the UKIP, Labour or the Conservative Party fancies taking part - get in touch.

Last Updated 03 June 2009