Londonist Behind the Lens: tezzer57

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Londonist Behind the Lens: tezzer57

A series celebrating the talent of our friends over in the Londonist Flickr pool who make our site look great with their fabulous photographs. Here, they introduce themselves and share their favourite London shots.

I was born in Australia, but grew up in London “South of the river”. I remember in my teens my first camera, a Kodak 126 Instamatic.

Back then, aside from taking pictures of my friends, I’d venture up into the City of London (complete with my red rover) and tried to give my own take on tourist postcards shots.

I’ve developed that into taking in the main what may appear mundane shots, but in our quickly changing city will become part of social history; in fact I wish I’d taken more in the past of the everyday London that has now passed into history....

Today, I enjoy venturing out and hopefully capturing the ordinary, the bizarre, the candid, stuff on the underground, and (at times risking life & limb) those people watching things going on at a particular moment.

London is changing before our eyes and in previous decades these “ordinary views” may have been lost, but with the advent of digital photography, flickr & Londonist, we’ll hopefully capture the ever changing faces of London in the first decade of the 21st century.

I love London, in its urban decay, the lost buildings, the fading signs on gable end walls, its good, its bad and hopefully I’ll be around to capture some of its future.

That is if “The Law” will allow me: twice in the last year I’ve been stopped (in Canada Square and Tooting) and asked, “Why are you taking photographs?”

Maybe I should let them read the above...

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Last Updated 13 June 2009