London Weather Forecast: "Hotter Than Death Valley Again"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 117 months ago
London Weather Forecast: "Hotter Than Death Valley Again"

Image / pit van meeffe
A climate change map produced by the Met Office's Hadley Centre has plotted how far temperatures may rise across the country over the decades to come, and it's good news for the grape-growers amongst us: by 2080 London could welcome regular temperatures of 41 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Cripes, we'll have to hope those air conditioned Tube trains are running across the whole network by then. Those scorching rays will, however, be frequently interrupted by heavy rainfall and storms. Probably not much point worrying about this right now, though: given that meteorologists fail to accurately predict next week's weather at the moment, and competing theories that suggest a lack of sun spots and the slowing of the Gulf Stream mean a mini-Ice Age is more likely, we won't be buying shares in Piz Buin just yet.

Last Updated 08 June 2009