London Is A "Buzz Fest"

Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 107 months ago
London Is A "Buzz Fest"

Tourist Information Apparently “London is a city on the verge of a nervous breakdown yet so sated on its own glories that nothing seems to bloody bother it”. It’s supposedly a city of “lords and chimney sweeps”, where relief from the “twitchy streets” and “jittery shopping districts” comes in the form of “spectacular halls”, ubiquitous pubs (“Britain's version of Starbucks”) and a cuisine of cucumber sandwiches and curry. Such perspectives feature in the ‘first-timer’s guide’ to London by Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine - an amusing read for native Londoners. Still, we shouldn’t be too snobbish about it; adjectives and inaccuracies aside, it’s clear that Chris enjoyed his visit to London - he’s relentlessly positive about our city and “can’t wait to come back”. He’ll be welcome, and if he gets in touch we’ll recommend some non-West-End attractions that he might also enjoy. (Image / Luke Robinson)

Last Updated 16 June 2009

Joan Arkham

So...any suggested reading for a first-time visit by a DCist-er?

lee jackson

Not a novel suggestion, but I think Time Out's city guides are pretty good ... see for London.


Hey Joan,

Well, I would obviously suggest reading Londonist before, during and after your visit! In particular, the Arts & Events and Food & Drink sections might be of use to you. I'd also recommend our weekly London On The Cheap listings.

You might also want to check out Visit London and Tired Of London, Tired Of Life.

Enjoy your trip!

Joan Arkham

Thanks! Already found several food/shopping/event ideas though Londonist.