It's a Patel Thing

By SallyB2 Last edited 117 months ago
It's a Patel Thing London's quite big. You've probably noticed this too. And it can be hard to find stuff therein: paper clips, your spectacles, a friendly face on a tube platform, a partner. Yup, it's a real big city for those looking for love. Well, we've gotta hand it to the capital's Patels: not only are quite a lot of them doing rather well, they've got the marriage business worked out too. Quite apart from the plentiful online resources for the lonely, there are special matchmaking events to help you find a spouse that fits: you can listen here to today's Radio 4 programme concerning a visit to such a session in Wembley and general Patel-ness. We can see your cynical head-shaking: but this is arranged marriage at its best, an introduction service that seems to produce lasting relationships and smiles all round. (Image/twenty questions.)

Last Updated 12 June 2009