Cyclists Secure Parking Shortage

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Cyclists Secure Parking Shortage

New secure parking at London Bridge
Not convinced by the London Assembly report, Transport Secretary Lord Adonis personally got on his bike and cycled to 6 stations to examine the state of bike parking for himself. His pop survey revealed crowded racks, poorly signed at mainline stations giving weight to the results of the official survey, which quizzed 450 cyclists on their experience of parking provision.

The Mayor wants to see "a million journeys made by bike every day in London by 2025" and numbers are soaring, which is brilliant. But unfortunately, the success of pro-cycling initiatives is showing up the lack of parking provision and the report suggests more investment and smart solutions are needed to keep pace with the burgeoning cycling population. We all know someone whose saddle has been sawn off or wheels removed while apparently safely chained up and you've surely seen the rage and heartbreak caused when an entire bike gets lifted (and enter the concomitant bother of getting a PAYG Oystercard in the interim, bearing the buses and suffering the grump of lack of daily exercise when pedal-powerless). Bicycle security is a hot and emotive potato.

The cycle hire scheme is on its way (hurry up now) providing an alternative to worrying about your own bike but it'll also be taking up space at prime locations with its own special docking stations. So with street and station space seriously squeezed, is it time to start properly considering stringing up bikes?

Download the full report here and have your say. It's called "Stand and Deliver." We think that's quite good.

Oh, and check out Dave Hill's musings on who will run the cycle hire scheme.

Last Updated 26 June 2009