Climate Change Protestors At London City Airport

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 116 months ago
Climate Change Protestors At London City Airport

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A group from the Plane Stupid activist clique, dressed in pin-stripe suits and bowler hats, broke into the airport in the wee hours of the morning using a pair of boltcutters, and locked themselves to the wheels of a business jet, in what they describe as a protest against the "selfishness of private jet use". A more fitting target, perhaps, than their protest last December at Stansted when they closed the runway for hours, which seemed to inconvenience hard-working families going on their annual holiday more than anybody else. The airport is functioning normally, although as of 9am this morning, the protestors were still chained to the plane's wheel, and police confirmed that no arrests have (yet) been made.

Last Updated 10 June 2009