Circle Line "Teacup" Trials

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 113 months ago
Circle Line "Teacup" Trials

Image by deluxis
An eagle-eyed spotter at London Reconnections has noticed that TfL is running trials over this weekend for the proposed "teacupping" of the Circle line.

The idea, knocked about for some months, involves running Circle line trains out of Hammersmith and into the city to complete one loop of the line, before terminating at Edgware Road and reversing through the loop back to Hammersmith. This would substantially reduce the number of delays regularly experienced on the Circle line, but also meaning that passengers travelling clockwise from the southern section of the line would have to change trains at Edgware Road.

There are concerns about how the additional traffic would tax the already burned signals and changes at Edgware Road, and the shift isn't expected until December this year. However, a sharp-sighted reader has alerted us to the fact that TfL's own Journey Planner website appears to think that the Circle Line now runs as far as Hammersmith.

Diamond Geezer yesterday took to the rails and became one of the first people to ride the new, and soon-to-be incongruously named, Circle line. His verdict? Things are going to be complicated.

Last Updated 28 June 2009