Circle Line To Be Extended To Hammersmith

Dean Nicholas
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Circle Line To Be Extended To Hammersmith

0603_circle.jpg A press release from London Underground confirms the long-expected decision to extend the Circle line to Hammersmith from December. It's the end of the line's orbit around the capital; from now on, Circle line trains will begin at Hammersmith, head up to Edgware Road, take one lap around the entire line before terminating at Edgware Road and reversing anti-clockwise back to Hammersmith. The changes will increase capacity across the Circle, District and H&C lines, reduce delays, allow defective trains to be easier recovered, and should mean the end of both the distressing "next Circle line train in 16 minutes" announcements and the bacchanalian Antipodean awfulness of the CL pub crawl. Let's just hope our favourite freesheet doesn't get confused again.(Image / See Wah)

Last Updated 06 March 2009


Would this mean that us lot who take the circle line from Paddington towards Kings X would have to walk to Platform 16 to get the tube? Since taking the new circle (or whatever it'll be named) line from the current circle line platform would be like getting the district line train one stop to Edgware Road then changing. Then the fun of racing over the bridge to get the east bound tube at platform 1 to have the doors slammed in our faces as it pulls out.


The way I understand it, all trains from Paddington, for example, towards Kings Cross on the Circle line will terminate at Edgware Road, and passengers will face either the long haul over to Paddington's H&C platform or else as, you point out, be forced to dash over the Edgware Road bridge for a connection.


Thanks DeanN - The H&C island platforms (15/16) at Paddington, aren't up to taking the current H&C passengers at present, just think of the crowds when the circle (it will still be called the circle line - like yellow poles!!), comes into play. Still there won't be a lot of change in the entrance/exit stairs as both sets of platforms are lacking this this department.


Its welcome for those of us from further West though! I no longer have to use the Hammersmith & Sh*tty Line since changing jobs but I dont think I will ever forget it, for all the wrong reasons.