Charles Dickens Every Monday At Southwark Pub

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Charles Dickens Every Monday At Southwark Pub

Another Dickens impersonator, yesterday.

We might be living in hard times, but there's a distinct lack of Dickens around at the moment. I'd Do Anything did nothing for us, and aside from the 10 billionth all-star reworking of a Christmas Carol coming up later this year, there's not really much on our anachronistic Dickensian radar. Fortunately, one Dickens enthusiast is keeping the great man's spirit alive with a weekly performance at the Barrow Boy and Banker pub, Southwark. Each Monday, Christopher West dons beard and top hat to regale his audience with tales of Dickens' London. The performance costs a fiver and takes place within the pub, just yards from the spot where Bill Sykes did away with Nancy beneath London Bridge. Given the 4pm start time, this will mostly appeal to tourists and visiting relatives, but why not try a bit of Charlie, so to speak, if you happen to be enjoying a long weekend. We have great expectations.

Last Updated 26 June 2009