Calorie Count Menu Takes Fun Out Of Dining

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 106 months ago
Calorie Count Menu Takes Fun Out Of Dining

Image / Waqas Ahmed
London restaurant chain The Real Greek has become the first in Britain to follow our didactic Government's latest anti-obesity programme, by displaying calorie information for all their dishes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, being a Greek restaurant, the meals are a little heavy, calorie wise: those planning on ordering, say, the taramasalata may have their enjoyment of the dish curtailed when they notice it packs in 805 kcals. And the well-seasoned taste of that bifteki souvlaki can only be enhanced by the knowledge that you're munching your way to an extra 545 kcals around the midriff. Sure, a lot of us could stand to lose a few pounds, but is making us feel guilty the best way of going about it? Guess we'll just nibble through a bag of salad instead and keep up with our alternative fitness regime like good, thin people.

Last Updated 22 June 2009


Ok, so it's not a real restaurant, but Wetherspoons do this too (hunt out the leaflet near the condiments). Check out the calorie count on the Gourmet burgers for a real shock!


I think this is a good idea. I'd rather know what I'm doing to myself than not. That way, I can choose properly and I do like choice. Guilt or no, one's still going to do what one wants to do, no?


I think unless you eat out every night of the week or are positively OCD about calorie counting, restaurant calories should probably be ignored. Sure, we can all be healthy but sitting in a restaurant trying to work out the calories in your meal is about as joyless as it comes.


I've never been to a Real Greek and now I'm not likely to.