Art Preview: Rooftop Sculpture Park in Peckham

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Last Updated 30 June 2009

Art Preview: Rooftop Sculpture Park in Peckham
Frank's Bar, under construction.
Frank's Bar, under construction.
Multi-storey car park lift. Not at all heavenly.
Multi-storey car park lift. Not at all heavenly.

Hope you don't get too cross when we get all over-excited about stuff, but occasionally (alright, quite often) things come along which are soooo good that we can't wait to share. Like this. A 'pop-up' sculpture gallery on the top two floors of Peckham's (normally deserted and utterly, Stephenly Kingly terrifying) multi-storey car park.

Dozens of artists doing extraordinary things against a backdrop of urban grunge...with some of the best views in London thrown into the equation. Oh, and did we mention the bar? Frank's Cafe and Campari Bar. It's got a real coffee machine 'n' all.

The project, Bold Tendencies III, is organised by the incredibly capable and energetic team at the Hannah Barry Gallery, with a bit of help from Lucky PDF, and New Model Army, and lots of other nice Peckham people.

What does it all mean? We don't know. We were so determined to bring you news of this lovely, lovely happening that we went flying over there this afternoon before a lot of the installations were, um, installed. And before the bar opened. There's dedication for you.

Map + nitty gritty after the jump.

Bold Tendencies III and FRANK’S BAR, open from Tuesday 30 June - Wednesday 30 September 2009. Level 7-10, Peckham Rye multi-storey car park, 95A Rye Lane SE15. Entrance on foot from Rye Lane and by car from Cerise Road, parking available on level 6.

Exhibition and Cafe opening hours: Thursday - Sunday 11am - 10pm