Angle-Happy Building To Grace Aldwych

Dean Nicholas
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Angle-Happy Building To Grace Aldwych

The London School of Economics has released an image of their proposed new building at Aldwych. It’s the work O’Donnell & Tuomey, and their win is a particular stroke of luck for the Irish firm, as their design for the expanded Phtoographer’s Gallery on Ramilles Street was recently torpedoed due to lack of funds.

The student centre, which boasts bars, entertainment rooms, student union, office, and media facilities, features an angular front that certainly fits in with London’s emerging bulky buildings trend.

London’s educational establishments have of late favoured formalism over function - the Libeskind-designed block for LUL on Holloway Road remains controversial as ever - and it'll be interesting to see how the plans are received in a high-profile area that's apparently becoming the new Shoreditch.

Last Updated 30 June 2009


the bulky building trend is usually caused by rights of lights issues. essentially a developer finds the maximum volume available without overshadowing the neighbours (or at least the neighbours that have lawyers) then getting the architects to fill that space to the max.


It's horrible - as an Alum I shall be using this as excuse when they next call me to not give them any money, there were six options and I think four of them were better - one was all brick arches and looked awesome.

I hope there was a tonge in cheek with the 'new shoreditch' comment - the ES is talking nonsence - no change there - I think someone's not actualy been to shoreditch...


Ugh-yet another ugly and mismatched building on campus. James-as a soon to be alum I don't think I'll be donating anything anytime soon either. Although, I do love the New Academic Building.

If we were going to go with wonky angles, couldn't we have at least have gone with something interesting a la the Gehry-designed Stata Centre at MIT: