2012 Recruitment

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2012 Recruitment

2906.sport.jpg Is Londonist imagining it or are there generally more up-beat bouncy 2012 tales around at the mo than crusty old downbeat ones? We reckon a subtle bend has been turned somewhere along the chalk lines: London is coming round. Anyway, news today of an excellent initiative: Olympic lessons in London schools. And we're not talking about making the poor little blighters run like billy-o - although the end result of this, as it is part of National School Sport Week, is of course to make our junior citizens fitter. This is more about inspiring them. It may be a bit late to discover latent athletic talent and get it all trained up for 2012, but it is the perfect time to start getting kids to think about the real implications for the capital. As such there will be mock opening ceremonies, businessy classes on ticketing and the like, and lots of goodies - certificates, free tickets, sampler classes - which participants can win. This is all good: hey, we'd have been sucked in if we were still in the system. Time to start getting a teensy bit excited, we reckon.


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