Unchained Mini-Guide to Fulham Road

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Unchained Mini-Guide to Fulham Road

We're very sorry, people. This mini guide to Fulham Road is long overdue. You see, Fulham is the birthplace of Unchained and therefore deserves a bit of love. It's also a veritable oasis of independent shops, although it may not seem that way when you walk out of Fulham Broadway tube station right into shopping mall hell. Our advice is to keep your eyes straight ahead and walk towards the light. That is the way to Unchained paradise. Then take a right turn and head for some of the beauties listed below.

Parson's Nose - Beautifully prepared cuts of meat, lots of helpful advice and an amazing shop. This is what all butchers should be like.

Cherubim - Imagine you actually discovered fairyland at the bottom of your garden. Now imagine being able to buy some of it and take it home.

Mind Body Spirit - Cleanse your soul with a pilgrimage to the gurus of yoga and eastern spirituality.

Nomad Books - Don't think of this place as a bookshop. Think of it as an awesome place to chill out that just so happens to sell books.

Morris Interiors - If design classics and retro chic is your thing, you'd be a fool to miss this place.

Indian Summer - Lose yourself in a beautifully curated collection of fashion, furniture and gifts. Then find yourself wanting to buy most of it.

Antonia Pugh-Thomas - Why wear what everyone else has got when you can get a bespoke piece of Haute Couture? This is how not to follow the crowd.

Little Heroes - It's worth having kids just to have the excuse to shop here.

Palmer - Sophisticated menswear that won't leave you looking like a banker or a golf club refugee.

Sebastiano Barbagallo - As much a museum as a shop packed with lots of old and new things from the East.

Emma Bridgewater - This is what the best-dressed dining tables are wearing. Designer crockery for the chicest of dinners.

Are there any other great Unchained streets you'd like us to cover? Please tell us in the comments area.

Last Updated 14 May 2009