Show Us Your Suburbia

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Show Us Your Suburbia

By Douglas Constable, 1932 courtesy of London Transport Museum collection.
'Metroland' was a creation of the marketing department of the Metropolitan Railway when it was built out through north west London, into Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The commuter suburb concept was successfully flogged to folks via a series of idealistic posters, pushing the proximity of the countryside to the city and the dual lifestyle choice that offered.

The suburbs have sprawled magnificently since then and London Transport Museum are zoning in on them for their next show. They will tell the story of how transport shaped the suburbs and continues to do so and explore how local identity, lifestyles and architecture come together to form the reality of suburbia. And they need your help. They've put a call out for photographs to be submitted to this Flickrpool under three themes: postcards from suburbia, suburban gardens and suburban interiors. What really goes on in the outer zones today? What do they look like, how have they changed? What is an outer London lifestyle in 2009? This is an opportunity to capture modern suburbia for posterity.

We challenge you to go one step further. Up your game and make your suburban snapshots fit the Londonist Flickrpool too. Let's get a picture of Metroland Londonist style as summer rolls on. Just where is it anyway? When do you know you're in it? Answer these questions by adding your photographs to our Flickrpool when you submit them to LTM's and we'll profile your suburbia, under LTM's themes in the build up to the opening.

Suburbia opens in October 2009 and selected images from the Show us Your Suburbia Flickrpool will be used on screens in the galleries at the Transport Museum throughout the exhibition.

Last Updated 18 May 2009