Robin Hood Gardens "Dealt Death Blow"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 108 months ago
Robin Hood Gardens "Dealt Death Blow"

The Poplar estate, which has been the subject of a fierce battle between starchitect-backed conservationists and Tower Hamlets coucil (which claims the support of residents) who wish to demolish it, has had its appeal for listed status rejected by culture secretary Andy Burnham. Though the estate's fate seems terminal, we've come up with another use for it. A uniform block of several hundred flats in an inner-city London location, within commuting distance of Westminster? Why not use it as a Swedish-style accommodation block for our expense-expunged "honourable" Members of Parliament?

Last Updated 15 May 2009


Is this bad news for Bow Arts Trust?


Bow Arts Trust? I'm unaware they had anything to do with Robin Hood Gardens. They do have a thing running in the nearby Balfron Tower -- we interviewed them about it a few months back.