Review: Eating Eurovision

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Review: Eating Eurovision

Eating Eurovision

Cheers to Kerri of Dinner Diary for providing Londonist with this a recap of (and photo from) the recent Eating Eurovision contest dreamed up by food journalist Andrew Webb (and you thought Eurovision was all about the music!):

It sounded simple enough. Could 25 food bloggers eat the food of the Eurovision countries, within the M25, all within 25 hours? Not simply an exercise in finding a restaurant in London but a chance to get out into the capital and explore the cuisines.

The excited entrants met up on Thursday night to watch the semi-final before being allocated our country; the calm before the storm, you might say. As ping-pong balls were plucked from a trendy cotton shopping bag you could see excitement turn to panic, before sheer fear descended on the faces of some of the party. A flurry of Tweets and Facebook messages were sent as the excitement started to build again.

Would you have thought of inviting some Estonians you'd just met over for dinner since there were no Estonian restaurants in London? How about cooking ortolan to represent France? Would you be surprised to learn that there is a Finnish church in South East London with a sauna in the basement?

These are just some of the things we learnt. Did we manage to eat all the countries, within 25 hours and all within the M25? Not quite but we came pretty close (much like the UK's entry into the competition itself). And how did we feel afterwards? "Stuffed", "Exhausted", "Ready for the next challenge" were just a few of the comments. Look out for Eating the Olympics in 2012!

Last Updated 18 May 2009