Kings Place Twitter Haiku Competition

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Kings Place Twitter Haiku Competition

@King’s Cross Station

Ballad of Tweet and Yoko

Displayed ‘til Friday

In an effort to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and commiserate about the miserable weather, Kings Place and Network Rail are asking commuters to and from King’s Cross to tweet their thoughts about British Summer to @kingsplace.

Goodness knows where they got the idea from.

Submissions must be in haiku format and fall under Twitter’s mandatory 140 characters. A new poem will appear across a digital screen at King’s Cross every 20 minutes. The Great British Summer Haiku Competition will run between now and Friday 22 May and will be judged by Yoko Ono and British poet Jackie Kay MBE.

Keep an eye on it here. The best twitting haiku poet will be awarded free entrance for themselves and a friend to the Words on Monday events at Kings Place for the rest of the year.

#Haiku challenge not

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By Caroline Dickie

Last Updated 18 May 2009