The Haikommute

By Lindsey Last edited 173 months ago
The Haikommute

It's National Poetry Day, readers, so tap into your timbre, mik your metre, reject your rhymes and let's have some tidy haikus about your daily commute. 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, and, as one of our team regurgitated:

Haikus are fun but

Sometimes they do not make sense


They don't need to be entirely serious. Another from our side:

Northern line commute

Read Lite, don't look at my tits

Deoderise please

Let's have them. Best one wins a badge and a special secret prize (we'll rootle in our cupboards and find something handsome for you). Have a nice National Poetry Day!

Street Poetry image by Simon Crubellier via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 09 October 2008