The Haikommute

By Lindsey Last edited 116 months ago
The Haikommute

It's National Poetry Day, readers, so tap into your timbre, mik your metre, reject your rhymes and let's have some tidy haikus about your daily commute. 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, and, as one of our team regurgitated:

Haikus are fun but

Sometimes they do not make sense


They don't need to be entirely serious. Another from our side:

Northern line commute

Read Lite, don't look at my tits

Deoderise please

Let's have them. Best one wins a badge and a special secret prize (we'll rootle in our cupboards and find something handsome for you). Have a nice National Poetry Day!

Street Poetry image by Simon Crubellier via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 09 October 2008


I know it's supposed to be a haiku but I got carried away:

Ode to the Shepherd's Bush Station

Shepherds Bush Central Line opened this week,
It made all of W12 glad.
I thought, "oh hurray, good for you TFL"
It's the best transport news that I've had.

That first happy morning I shuffled through queues,
Down the escalator shiny and new.
I cut twenty minutes of my morning commute
And, believe me, everyone at my work knew.

The second day running, I hopped on at Bank,
Pleased with my quicker trip home.
I didn't believe there'd be anything wrong
With my transport of silver and chrome.

Imagine my pain as at Holland Park station
The conductor came over the speaker
He said that the next stop was already closed
My outlook could not have been bleaker.

The very next morning I said "one more go
I can't write of this station just yet.
I'll still save some time on my morning commute,
And really, how bad could it get?"

The station was open, the website had said,
And from just 'cross the street it looked fine
But a horde of pedestrians stood at the crosswalk
so confused, I just stood in the line.

It turned out the signals, the red and the green,
Were not to be working that day.
So the commutes stood there, as the cars just whizzed past,
Wondering when they could get on their way.

A single brave soul darted out in the road,
The buses did skid to a halt.
The rest of us followed that we weren't the ones
Nearly ground into asphalt.

The station was open, the train came in fine
And I was just left quite bemused
Why someone had turned off the signals we needed
To cross that road everyone used.

So Shepherd's Bush Station, I'm glad that you're here
And I'm glad the improvements are there.
But to the powers that be with the light switches,
Please have a slight bit of care.

Don't close the station the day after it's done,
And please note to update the maps.
Don't turn off the signals we need right outside,
And for our part, we'll mind the gap.


Crush of commuters
Cooked at 40 degrees bakes
A Victoria sponge


your elbow is sharp
we are wedged like sardines
here in this wheeled can


Your coffee-bright eyes
Please alight at Tufnell Park
I think I love you


Victoria Line
You close to early for me
Strand me in Brixton


The Sound of Music
The carriage is alive!

Working Class Hero

ten minutes to wait
platform swells with groans and feet
why so keen to work


Highfield, you're playing fast and loose with the syllabic rules there but I admire your poetic ebullience (capital letters).


Must our sad haiku
solely speak ill of the tube?
Why not the weather?


Still stuck at Earls' Court
Never to bloody Wimbledon
Ah! A lit board!



Head stuck in a book
Stations pass by unheeded
Forgot my stop again


Beautiful morning
The sun shines warm and brightly
Door keys left inside


You have me down to a tee, Lindsey.


Tickets please! the cry
of the conductor is now
ringing in my ears


sharing glances across
crowded aisle, you smile back,
oh! commute romance!

(sorry, it's a slow day in the library. In so much as I am avoiding the invoices. Haikus are more fun.)

Tom Williams

walking into work
Borough market looks tasty
a breakfast detour

Amanda Farah

on my bicycle
motorists, please don't hit me
off to a good start


Bloody DLR
It's constantly fucked these days
I can take no more



Northern Line is warm
Maybe just a little snooze?
Shit! Was that my stop?