Pissed Pilot Arrested At Heathrow

Dean Nicholas
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Pissed Pilot Arrested At Heathrow

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There's no escaping it: London has a reputation for being a hard drinking city, particularly on a school night when you've got to be up early at work the next morning. Yet while most of us in our paper-pushing gigs won't exactly be in trouble if we turn up a little soused, the same can't be said for the American Airlines pilot who showed up at Heathrow for his flight while still inebriated. The pilot, who was due to fly a Boeing 777 to Chicago, was breathlysed after airport security personnel spotted his erratic behaviour, and subsequently arrested when he failed the test.

Last Updated 22 May 2009


Come back to London, as a tourist next time..


those airplanes are all automated now anyway right?