Palestinian Territories Squeezed From Map On Tube

Dean Nicholas
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Palestinian Territories Squeezed From Map On Tube

1905_tube.jpg In what will shortly be turned into a conspiracy theory by the darker elements of the body politic, a poster on the Tube advertising holidays in Israel featured a map with nary a sign of Palestine. The map, which showed an Israel composed of its current territory, plus the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Syria's Golan Heights, prompted hundreds of complaints. What the Israeli toursim ministry described as a "mistake" has already come under severe criticism: the Syrian embassy has launched a protest, while a spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign bloviated about the "disingenuous attempt to remove the Palestinians from the public mind". While an egregious error on the Israelis' part, it should be remembered that Israel itself is under threat of "being wiped off the map" for real, by the irredentist leader of a country just a few warheads away from being a nuclear power.

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not meaning to start an internet conspiracy flame war type thing but its pretty serious when Israel starts wiping palestine off the map. not least because the now foreign minister Avigdor Lievberman advocated the wholesale ehtnic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel used to be Tourism Minister, and indeed the current tourism minister is from the same small far right party. maybe this was not deliberate but what with the fact that Israel has never actually accepted the right of a Palestinian state to exist you have to keep an eye on them.
also Iran is not exactly about to try and nuke israel because A. iran doesn't have nukes and is unlikely to have any soon and B. israel has loads of nuclear weapons, many pointed in Iran's direction.


surely every country that is not yet a nuclear power is only a few warheads away from being one. and its not as if israel dont have shed load of nuclear weapons themselves


Mike -- I said that Israel is "under threat" from Iran, in that Ahmadinejad has explicitly stated his desire for the country's annihilation. I don't think it's about to be attacked, but the threat remains, and has been stated, by no less a figure than the president.

MiG -- fair comment about Israel's arsenal, and a nuke-free Middle East is obviously preferable, but Iran has clearly been making moves toward building a nuclear deterrent; it's movement in this direction stands in contrast to, say, that of Libya.


On the 'same' front, didn't there be a UK tourist map a little while ago, which cut Wales from the map?

Who complained then?