Mystery Plaque Confounds Local Historian

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Mystery Plaque Confounds Local Historian


Here's a local history riddle courtesy of Richenda Walford at the wonderful London Remembers website. She found the pictured plaque down Wynyatt Street, a quiet side road in Islington (click here for map and further info). Richenda has located, transcribed and mapped hundreds of London's plaques, but is stumped by this one. Why is Abling worthy of a plaque, and who put it there? Richenda takes up the story...

I can't find anything on the web about it, Islington Local History have no record, the Clock Museum (very nice man) confirms that William Abling was a clockmaker of that address but they do not know about the plaque. Like most Georgian terraces the building is listed but the entry does not mention the plaque. I can't get any response by knocking so I've dropped letters requesting information into the plaque house and the house next door, where the owner lives (according to the Land Registry) and so far: no response. So, is it a recent addition? From the dates on it and the style of the writing I would guess the plaque to be 1840 -1900, or a very good mock-up. The screws holding it in place are more recent, and the pointing on the wall behind the plaque has been renewed at some time.

She later heard back from the owner of the building, who was very helpful but unable to solve the mystery. The plaque now features in the puzzle corner of London Remembers. If you have any further information, or even informed speculation, leave a note in the comments, or contact Richenda through London Remembers.

Last Updated 27 May 2009