London's Most Photographed

Dean Nicholas
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London's Most Photographed

Image by Gregory Warran

Scientists at Cornell University have used Flickr to compile a list of the world's most photographed places. The bad news? London only ranks as the second-most snapped city on earth, conceding first place to New York. The good news? Four out of the top six spots are London landmarks, and in a neat two-old two-new combo they comprise Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern, the London Eye and (the tower commonly known as) Big Ben.

Dig a little deeper into the team's results, though, and the geeky nature of Flickr users becomes apparent. What's that sitting at Number 5 in New York's list? Manhattan's Apple Store, a fine structure no doubt, but not one you'd consider a citywide landmark. We doubt it's getting more lens love than the Empire State building or Liberty herself.

You can see the photomaps here

Last Updated 01 May 2009

Jamie Bright

I love statistics ... so I wonder whether the Apple store in Manhattan was snapped more with an iPhone, rather than a purpose built camera.


Next task ... top 10 models of camera used on Flickr, and the top 5 photographed landmarks for each model. GO GO GO


Slight correction needed - according to the study the Apple store is the 5th most photographed location in NYC which appears on Flickr. Not in the whole world. Still pretty geeky though.

The report says that global number 5 on Flickr is Notre Dame.


Apologies, the original text wasn't clear on that point. It's fixed now.

Apple Store is #28 worldwide, which is still impressive / ridiculous.