London's Most Photographed

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 116 months ago
London's Most Photographed

Image by Gregory Warran

Scientists at Cornell University have used Flickr to compile a list of the world's most photographed places. The bad news? London only ranks as the second-most snapped city on earth, conceding first place to New York. The good news? Four out of the top six spots are London landmarks, and in a neat two-old two-new combo they comprise Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern, the London Eye and (the tower commonly known as) Big Ben.

Dig a little deeper into the team's results, though, and the geeky nature of Flickr users becomes apparent. What's that sitting at Number 5 in New York's list? Manhattan's Apple Store, a fine structure no doubt, but not one you'd consider a citywide landmark. We doubt it's getting more lens love than the Empire State building or Liberty herself.

You can see the photomaps here

Last Updated 01 May 2009