Last Minute Listing: Science-Themed Pub Quiz

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Last Minute Listing: Science-Themed Pub Quiz


Got a perfect memory for obscure 1930's FA Cup winners? Carry an unhealthy obsession for the pages of Hello and Heat? Such skills may come in useful at your typical pub quiz. But not tonight. Oh no, not tonight. The Royal Institution's first ever pub quiz will test erudition of a more high-brow persuasion, with 60 questions on matters scientific. Well, we say highbrow. If we disclose that the quiz-master is none other than Londonist M@, and that the rounds include plenty of cack-handed photoshoppery, you'll get an idea of the level we're talking about. A certain amount of geekery would be beneficial, but you certainly won't need a scientific background to answer most of these teasers. The fun starts at 7pm in the swish new bar at the Royal Institution. Come along in teams of any size, or turn up on your own and we'll find some fact-buddies for you.

Last Updated 26 May 2009