Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


  • Sprogging on the tube is becoming a trend.
  • Time the NHS devised a better filing system, no?
  • Mind you, the pensions people aren't any less careless.
  • A teenager has been stabbed in Bermondsey.
  • Gotta feel a bit sorry for the mother in court on fraud charges over school places
  • They really don't want you to drive into London: now parking fees rise to £4.40 an hour.

    Image by tom rodda via the Londonist flickr pool.

    Last Updated 29 May 2009


    Found in Dunton Road, but nearby Albany Road closed to traffic?
    That means the kid has walked past the main pedestrian way into the huge Tescos on Old Kent Road, on his way from Albany Road to Dunton Road. It would have taken a minute or two just to cross the road there, otherwise the headline would have been stabbed teenager run over.


    Why is there a photo of Coventry Cathedral heading the article?


    Ah, well, it was in our Londonist pool and I was too much of dimwit to realise that it ain't London. Great shot tho, no?