Donna Margherita: the Best Pizza Outside of Italy?

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Donna Margherita: the Best Pizza Outside of Italy?

When a press release about Lavender Hill’s Donna Margherita restaurant having the “best pizza outside of Italy” landed in our inbox, we scoffed at it but made a note to check it out next time we were down Clapham Junction way. Well, we’re back from sampling a bit of everything that Ms Margherita had to offer us, and we’re happy to recommend that you do the same!

As for this quaint and rustic eatery having the best pizza outside Italy, well ‘outside Italy’ is a pretty big place filled with a glorious plethora of pizzerias. But we’ll go so far as to say that the wood fire oven baked pizza we had at Donna Margherita was right up there with some of our London favourites. Also, we must admit that we were rather impressed to discover that DM is the first UK restaurant to be accepted into the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani.

And hey (while we’re at it) this particular Londonista will even go a little extra to assert that the plate of pasta he had at DM’s was the most authentically scrumptious he’s had in a restaurant outside of Naples. So, when (not if) you go, beg them to serve you the paccheri with sausage and Friarielli! Madoooooonna! And if you can get them to part with a bottle of Casa D’ambra’s Frassitelli (it’s not included in the wine list), you’ll find yourself enjoying an extraordinarily refreshing Ischian white whine that’ll go well with all that seafood that you’ll inevitably want to order!

Donna Margherita is located at 183 Lavender Hill (SW11 5TE). Check their website for contact details, opening hours, etc.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 14 May 2009