Builder Bales On Bricks

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Builder Bales On Bricks

A Petts Wood man has eschewed traditional bricks and mortar in favour of straw to build a garage for his cars.

This traditional building method is gaining popularity among the eco crowd with a straw art gallery opening in Essex last year, a Somerset man building two homes and a Lincolnshire council using straw for affordable housing being just a few examples, what with recycling being hay on everyone’s list.

Upsides are superb insulation and a glow of satisfaction at using cheap yet sustainable resources. Downside is that you might wake up one day to find a horse snacking on your walls.

What a shame that Jack Straw didn’t make hay while the sun shone by using the same method for the refurbishment of his offices, not least because of the comedy potential. We reckon the £130m bill was the last straw.

Photo by secretlondon123

Last Updated 08 May 2009