Breaking News: Tower Bridge Lift Collapses

Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 116 months ago
Breaking News: Tower Bridge Lift Collapses

Breaking News We're hearing reports of an accident in one of the lift shafts in the north tower of Tower Bridge. Apparently a lift has fallen (or, according to Sky News, "plummeted") a couple of floors, resulting in several injuries, the most serious of which seems to be a broken leg.

Three casualties have been taken to the Royal London Hospital, and the bridge has been closed to traffic.

UPDATE 15:05

Sky News report that they have been informed that the lift cable snapped, resulting in the lift falling to the bottom of the shaft. Fortunately the lift was only 10 feet up at the time, and so did not fall far enough to cause more serious injuries.

There are reports that there were 10 people in the lift at the time, six of whom were injured, whereas four "walked away" without injuries.

UPDATE 15:15

Tower Bridge has now reopened to traffic.

Last Updated 11 May 2009