Work Begins On Ugliest Olympics Building

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Work Begins On Ugliest Olympics Building
Inside, it's all glass. And a peculiar hedge on wheels. Who ordered that?
Inside, it's all glass. And a peculiar hedge on wheels. Who ordered that?
A bit more colourful round the back and, look, some young people having fun. We're warming to the designs.
We love the swans and boats. They look great.
Olympic venue or purpose-built set for Ashes to Ashes?

Construction has begun on the Hackney Ikea Warehouse new media centre for the Olympics. During the games, the 84,000 sqm shed will accommodate over 20,000 media folk.

And boy, is it a goat's arse of a building. Can you believe we're paying a third of a billion pounds for this beauty? After cost reductions? That's almost three times what the Gherkin cost to build. The mind boggles.

If, like the architects, we leave aesthetics aside, the media centre does have laudable features. After the games, it will serve as a local business centre, (hopefully) attracting small media firms and creating a 'new Soho' in Hackney Wick. Meanwhile, the massive roof will be covered in gravel and moss to 'encourage invertebrates'. If only there was some joke to link those last two sentences together.

Last Updated 17 April 2009


they should move the media centre to the old big breakfast premises, the 2 lock keepers cottages place.

only 200m from the olympic stadium and theyre not knocking it down! heroes!


First I read about that monstosity in Camden, and now this... it looks like bad sixties architecture, and that's saying something.... someone save me please......Aaaaaagh!


It looks like my high school in suburban Sydney which was built the 70s and could have doubled as the set for Prisoner Cell Block H. Plus, there is no way they'll let us moor Narrowboats there. Guaranteed.


I just don't understand how this can cost so much money...